Project Description

A story of a young chap who lives in a small flat in one of the chawls of Mumbai & is a king of hearts within his locality, earns his livelihood by cheating rich people and doing multiple illegal jobs. One fine day when Guru is on run post cheating a businessmen witnesses a murder being done by Maharashtra's politically powerful and well known politician Kartik. To his fate even Kartik finds out about Guru witnessing the act and decides to kill him, to which Guru escapes and seeks refuge at his native 'Devbag', which is under constant threat of local MLA Mansingh, who aspires to builds Mega City on the land of village irrespective of village and the life of villagers being disrupted as major financial transactions being involved.

Guru who is least bothered about the revolt happening in his village due to Mega-City, decides to take charge when he finds out that his brother Madhav was attacked and injured by Mansingh & his fellows. Madhav was one of the leader who front ended the revolt on behalf of Devabg village and was proving to be main hurdle in fulfilling Mansingh's aspiration for which he could go to any extent, even killing mercilessly.

Post this event Guru decides to con Mansingh by handing over fake undertaking of villagers of handing over lands for Mega-City, in mean time he manages to re-unite villagers to stand and revolt against Mansingh & Mega-City project, further to his shock Guru finds out that even Mansingh is being hired by Kartik and its a wide network with huge political interest in which he has once again revealed himself.

Thus Guru is dragged into the whole situation placing his family's and fellow villagers life in threat. To which very very intelligently, blackmailing and manipulating he manages to safeguard his family and decides to end Mega City plan.

A day is announced when Mansingh & Kartik invites CM for inaugurating Mega-City plan at Devbag. Inorder to revolt villagers build miniature of Maharashtra, which later saves them form getting villages getting demolished under Mega City plan and letting Mansingh & Kartik's plan revealed.

Project Details

Date : 22nd January 2016

Director : Sanjay Jadhav

Produced By : Sunil Lulla, Deepak Pandurang Rane

Music Composers : Amitraj, Pankaj Padghan, Parfull Karlekar

Starring :
Ankush Chaudhary
Urmila Kanetkar-Kothare
Avinash Narkar
Sneha Raikar
Jyoti Chandekar
Murli Sharma

Director Of Photography : Vijay Soni

Associate Director : Rohit Shilwant

Location Sound : Umar Qureshi

Publicity Designs : Sachin Suresh Gurav

Di : Future Works Media Ltd.

Vfx : Prasad Sutar

Di Colorist : Tushar Jadhav

Head Of Production : Kailash Jadhav (Future Works)

Sound Designer & Mixing : Dinesh Uchil & Shantanu Akrekar

Make-Up Design : Subhash Shinde

Art Director : Satish Chipkar

Costumes : Ashwini Kocharekar

Action : Vikram Dhahiya

Choreography : Umesh Jadhav

Background Score : Pankaj Padghan

Executive Producers : Prafull Vishwanath Salunke

Editor : Apurva Motiwale Sahai & Ashish Mhatre

Lyrics : Yo (Sachin Pathak) Kshitij Patwardhan

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues : Ashish Pathare