Project Description

Duniyadari is a journey of every individual which eventually makes one realize the true face of life…

The film is about Shreyas a Mumbai boy in his 20’s having all the materlistic pleasure but caught up in a bad father and mother relationship…Not only on the family front but also on his friend’s front there is a big vaccum in Shreyas’s life…One fine day he lands up in Poona S.P.College for his Master’s where he meets Digya and his Katta Gang a bunch of ruffians….these boys add colours to the life of Shreyas bright, vibrant colours of friendship, bonding, pranks, mischief and fun(life). Also what S.P does to Shreyas is the entry of Shirin and Meenu in his life the romantic Pink Colour…..
What happen’s to this love triangle….
Shreyas wed’s Meenu?
Shreyas wed’s Shirin?
Shreyas wed’s ?
What part does Digya and his Katta Gang play in all this…?
How does Shreyas fights out his journey with Duniyadari along his side or with Duniyadari against him….?

Project Details

Date : June 15, 2013

Director : Sanjay Jadhav

Music Director : Amitraj

Starring :
Swapnil Joshi
Sai Tamhankar
Ankush Choudhary
Jitendra Joshi
Urmila Kanitakar
Sushant Shelar

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